About Elia Quality Group

Elia Quality group is a private initiative of persons qualified in the high quality of virgin olive oil (a cooperative company) with the purpose of promoting this high quality and the culture of virgin olive oil in Greece and all over the world.

We  offer a series of consultancy to olive mills and to cooperative companies of olive oil production in Greece and all over the world and organizes high quality courses and seminars in olive oil sector at national and international level.

Ειρήνη Κοκολάκη
Irini Kokolaki Expert of virgin olive oil tasting, Diplomate of University of Jaen, Spain

Irini Kokolaki, the president of Elia Quality Group, is a panel leader in “Macedonia and Thrace EVOO” panel of sensory analysis in Thessaloniki city, Greece. Her panel is evaluated by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and it is in process of Hellenic accreditation system, also.

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